Master Court

Bakers Master Court 2017-18


Dr Rose Mary Harley


Scott Anderson

Late Deacon / Honorary Clerk

Jamie Dobson

Late Deacon's Predecessor

Anita Brown

Late Collector

Elizabeth Reidford

Deacon's Master

Ex Deacon Robert Holmes Henderson

Honorary Members

Ex Convener Blair Agnew

Ex Convener Dr Morton Fyfe

Trade Masters

Maureen Blacklaw
Silvia Ciferri
Anne Dobson

Gordon Reidford

Lisa Ross

Jason Ross 

Assistant Clerk




Katrina Tilston

Incorporation of Bakers

c/o Trades House
85 Glassford Street
Glasgow G1 1UH
Tel: 0141 553 1605
Fax: 0141 552 5053



Please see the attached letter from the Bakers requesting to use your suite next week at the Choosing Dinner