Clerks to the Incorporation since 1594

Clerks to the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers & Dyers of Glasgow since 1594

Periods of Office are shown against the most recent Clerks only since many of the other dates have been lost in the mists of time.

  Robert Brok     James Braidwood
  P. Rowane     R. Forrest
  Robert Fleming     William Anderson
  Neil McVicar     George Napier
  James Logie     John Marshall
  Claud Marshall     Adam Grant
  Thomas Muter     J. C. Mitchell
  R. Murray Dunlop     W. Stevenson Cochran
1944-1946 W. Douglas Cochran   1946-1967 J. Ferguson Dunlop
1967-1976 Allan Aitken   1976-1979 Scott I. Galt
1979-1999 Thomas A. S. Herd   1999-2002 David Robertson
2002 to date Thomas W. Monteith