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Deacon Dr Iain Lennox Elected on Choosing Day

The Cordiners were delighted to elect the distinguished geriatrician, Dr. Iain Lennox to be their Deacon for 2017-2018 on Choosing Day, Friday 22nd September 2017.


The Late Deacon, Dr Adrian Pierotti was warmly thanked for his work for the Incorporation in 2016-2017 and presented with the Auld Deacon's Medal. As Dr Pierotti was completing a second term as Deacon, his original medal was simply  augmented by a bar in the appropriate form of a shoe.


Buoyed-Up Awards

The Late Collector, Dr Iain Lennox, attended the Buoyed Up Awards Ceremony in the Barony Hall on 14th June 2017, when children from four primary schools in North and east Glasgow gave a series of verbal and musical presentations outlining their experiences on the Buoyed Up Programme, run by the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation, supported in 2016 by the Incorporation of Cordiners. The children had clearly gained greatly in confidence and knowledge of nautical matters, and the hall was decorated with a series of paintings and short articles by the children. The Late Collector passed on the best wishes of the Incorporation to the Foundation officials and encouraged them in their excellent work.

St Monica

Apprentice of the Year

At our Box-Opening on Tuesday 9th May 2017, Deacon Pierotti presented the Incorporation of Cordiners' Apprentice of the Year award to ROBERT McLATCHIE of Muirhead Leather. Congratulations, Robert!

Apprenticeofthe Year

Sad News

We are sorry to record the death of our Collector, John Lloyd. Funeral arrangements to follow.

Congratulations Ellen!

"Congratulations to everyone who took part in the recent The Glasgow School of Art Interior Design leather competition sponsored by Trades House of Glasgow Cordiners.

From the array of diverse concepts, the winning prize, 'One Hide' by Ellen Hurst, displayed an extremely refined interiors collection which utilised every part of the hide resulting in no waste."  (from Muirheads Facebook Page)