Let Glasgow Flourish Awards

Business establishments around the city are visited and judgedfor their floral displays during the summer by members of the Incorporation of Gardeners. 

The objective of the Awards is to stimulate organisations and individual businesses to enhance the appearance of the exterior of their premises, brightening up the City and at the same time informing the citizens about the work of the Incorporation of Gardeners.

Participation is confined to all non-residential properties ( offices, shops, institutions, public buildings, public houses and restaurants) that have created green and flowering hoticultural displays for their staff and the public's view.

Companies are considered by a panel of judges from the Incorporation of Gardeners led this year by LGF Convener Master Sarah Jane Davidson..

Included in the judging critera are the duration of the display, the care and attention of the plants and containers and the aesthetic appeal of the display.

The Awards are presented towards the end of April each year in respect of the summer season for the previous year and are divided into three main categories:

Commendation: This is a certificate awarded to first time displays  which have reached a standard mertiting recognition.

Commendation or High Commendation Plaque: Once a display has been recognised for it's quality and standard, if the judges see continued effor and improvements to the display, a Plaque may be presented in either of these grades.

The Roberston Silver Spade: Each year the Spade is presented to a business or organisation which in the judge's opinion has reached an exeptionally high standard during the season, or sustained high quality over a number of seasons. The Spade is retained by the winner for display on theri premises for a year.