Application Information

New members are very welcome. Applicants may apply to join either:

At the Near Hand if they are the spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of present or late members,


At the Far Hand if they have no such previous connection.

There are three stages to joining the Craft:

1. Burgess Certificate

Applicants should have a Burgess Certificate from Glasgow City Council or any of its predecessors and so be a Burgess and Guild Brother or Sister of the City of Glasgow of Craft Rank. The Cost is £20 for both Near Hand  and Far Hand applications. Members of any other Crafts forming The Trades House will already have a Burgess Certificate and need not apply again.

2. Trades House Matriculation

Applicants require to Matriculate with the Trades House, which costs £25.00

3. Entry Money

Anyone who is interested in joining the Craft should download the attached membership application form and send it, together with the Entry Money, to the Clerk:

Thomas W. Monteith
Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow
45 Gordon Street
Glasgow  G1 3PE
0141 221 8888