Statement of Objectives

By-Law 9 of the Craft's Constitution declares that the funds of the Incorporation are to be exclusively appropriated to charitable and benevolent purposes, principally in giving aid to indigent Members and widows and orphans of Members.  How the funds are applied in satisfaction of this objective is at the discretion of the Craft's governing body, which is known as the Master Court.

Over the last 100 years there has been a steady drop in the number of grantees which is a welcome sign that the need for help has diminished.  All applications for assistance are treated by the Craft with sympathy and understanding and consideration of each case includes a visit by representatives of the Master Court.  Such visits are considered to be extremely important, not just because they can often result in the re-assurance of financial support but also because they show that the Craft is interested and concerned in its grantees.  Anyone admitted as a grantee can expect to receive financial assistance from the Craft, but he or she will also be invited to a summer outing, a trip to the pantomime and a Christmas lunch in the course of the year.  It is not appropriate to go into details of the amounts distributed annually to grantees, but suffice to say that the grantees are extremely appreciative of the assistance that is afforded to them.

In addition to providing support to Members, their widows and dependents, the Craft also seeks to promote the furtherance of the woodworking industry and trade education.  Each year the Craft runs the McDonald Prize Competition for school children, and the Craft Competition for those studying at technical colleges.  In the last year £1,800 has been distributed in prizes.

The good of the community in Glasgow is not ignored by the Craft and donations are frequently made to local charities and organisations for the advancement of appropriate causes.  Individuals are also awarded grants at the discretion of the Master Court.

The Craft also promotes fellowship amongst its Members by hosting various social and sporting events throughout the year.  Members represent the Craft in bowling, angling, curling and golf.