Associated Organisations

  • The Association of Deacons
    The Association of Deacons was instituted in 1857 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1910. The Association annually elects a President and Treasurer along with sixteen Directors called the Court of Directors to manage its affairs.
  • The Grand Antiquity Society
    The Society is one of the Seventeen Burgess Associations of the City, the members of which must be Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow. The other organisations are: the Trades House, the fourteen Incorporations and the Deacons' Association.
  • Trades House of Glasgow Lodge
    THE TRADES HOUSE OF GLASGOW, which was incorporated by Letter of Guildry in 1605, is an elective Body consisting of representatives chosen from each of the Fourteen Incorporated Trades or Craft Guilds of the City of Glasgow.
  • Association of Trades House Ladies
    The Association of Trades House Ladies was formed in June 2000 at the invitation of the Deacon Convener of that year. The object of the Association is to bring together the ladies connected or associated with the Trades House of Glasgow and the Fourteen Incorporated Trades of Glasgow to meet socially, and to continue being of service to the House and the individual Crafts.