Lodge Calendar for 2016-2017

Regular meetings of the Trades House of Glasgow Lodge No.1241 are held in THE TRADES HALL, 85 GLASSFORD STREET, GLASGOW  G1 1UH.     On the second Monday of October, November, December, February and March.                                  Meetings at 6:00pm except the November meeting which is at 5:00pm.



Nov       14th    Annual Installation Meeting (5:00pm prompt)

Dec      12th    Mark:  Visitation from Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning No.4 



Jan      12th    Burns Supper

           20th     Visit Lodge Radcliffe No.5313 (EC)

Feb       13th    Initiation:  Visitations from Lodges The Princes No.607, Pollok No.772 & Lodge Union No.244

            14th    Visit Lodge Mary's Chapel No.1

            21st    Visit The Lodge of Glasgow, St John No.3bis


March  14th    Passing:  Provincial Visitation & Visitation from Lodge Mary's Chapel No.1

April     21st  Visit Lodge Radcliffe No.5313 (EC)

             27th Visit Lodge Union No.244

Sept       20th  Visit Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning No.4  

              26th    Visit Lodge Pollok No.772

Oct        2nd    Visit Lodge The Princes No.607

               9th   Raising:  Visitations from Lodge Glasgow St John No.3bis 

                     (Annual Meeting for nomination and election of Office Bearers)

Nov      13th   Annual Installation Meeting (5:00pm Prompt)