Trades House of Glasgow offers a number of funds for people living in the City of Glasgow and the surrounding areas who are facing financial hardship or other disadvantage. For more information on the funds we offer, including exclusions and how to apply please click on the revelant link below:

Before making an application for funding please refer to our list of Supported Postcodes to ensure you live within an area we support

  • Kinship Care Initiative : The Kinship Care Initiative raises funds to provide children and young adults with outdoor activities and educationalprogrammes.

  • The Drapers Fund : The Trades House Drapers' Fund supports children and their carers where there is a great and urgent need

  • The Commonweal Fund :  The Commonweal Fund supports the community with grants for social improvement, including training for young people, charitable initiatives, educational schemes and child welfare

  • The Relief Fund :   The Trades House of Glasgow Relief Fund is available to individuals who are in great need by reasons of financial hardship or other disadvantage

  • The Education Fund :  The Education Fund, formerly the Fraser of Allander Fund, is available to students who are studying within the  City  of Glasgow and the surrounding area, who lack the necessary funds to complete their studies

  • William Wylie MacFarlane & Mary MacFarlane Trust - was specifically set up to provide financial support to deserving widows, relatives or dependents of persons who had been in the employment of MacFarlane Lang & Co prior to the acquisition by United Biscuits.



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