Scotland's Next Generation


Scotland's Next Generation - the Glasgow Project, was set up in 2013 within The Trades House of Glasgow to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with adventure experiences that will unlock potential that they may not know they possess.

Glasgow has many young people from various backgrounds where they are possibly not encouraged to achieve or indeed discouraged from doing so. These are young people who, given the opportunity and under different circumstances, would be high achievers and great assets to the community.

The chain gang 2013 /14 raised sufficient sums to sponsor 2 deserving young people every year for a minimum of 8 years on the Outward Bound residential courses and we would wish to thank all who helped us in acheiving this goal. It is our intention that at least one of those we sponsor each year is a carer of their parent/s.


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Scotland's Next Generation - the Glasgow Project will sponsor one or more worthy candidates each year, while funds last, to a week-long Outward Bound course at Loch Eil Outward Bound Centre, near Fort William in the West Highlands, where they will undergo physical and mental challenges which will be life changing in a positive way and hopefully lead them on a path to achieve the maximum of their ability and success in life.

The Deacon Convener, Collector of the House, Deacons and Visitor of the Trades House of Glasgow invite you to help this very worthy cause by donating (no sum too small) to Scotland's Next Generation - the Glasgow Project, and by doing so changing the life of young people who deserve more than they presently have.

Scotland's Next Generation
For more information, contact the Trades House office on 0141 553 1605

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