Manager's Report

Annual Report to the Trades House of Glasgow by the Manager of the Drapers' Fund

Manager Dr Alistair Dorward
(House Meeting - Wednesday 5 November 2014)

The Drapers Fund is dedicated to providing charitable assistance to young people up to the age of 17 year in Glasgow. The grants are usually submitted by social work departments or organisations such as Shelter for basic requirements such as winter clothing, beds and bedding, cots and white goods, often to children of families in crisis and to children in kinship relationships.

The manager reported that at the end of October 2014 the Capital Account of the Drapers Fund stood at £3,169,000 a rise of £218,075 on the previous year, placing the fund in a very healthy position.

I am pleased to report that the fund has received some welcome donations from the following incorporations; Skinners £2543, Weavers £2,500, Cordiners £3,500, Maltmen £500, Wrights £500, Fleshers £200, Anne Mulgrew £100, the Trades House Burns supper of £1,135 and the Probus Club of Scotland of £50.

To date 167 applications have been considered a slight decline on last years 212 applications. £34,140 has been awarded, averaging at £240 per application. Though these individual sums have not been large, feedback form applicants suggest the Fund is providing much needed help when it is often urgently required.

I am pleased that the House agreed last month to agree to my suggestion to changes in the running of the fund so that the Manager will serve an apprenticeship of two years on the committee before taking on the role. I believe this will help enhance and develop the workings of the fund.

I would like to thank my committee members, ex- DC lady Alison Kelly Ex-Deacon Ford MacFarlane who stands down this year after three years on the committee and ex-Deacon Iain Smith., who takes on the role as Manager this month. I also wish to thank our Clerk John Gilchrist for helping steer the fund in the right directions and in particular our excellent administrator, Emma McFadyen who has been an great asset to me this year.

It has been an honour and a privilege to have served as manager and I would like to thank late Deacon Convenor Hamish Brodie for appointing me to the post. I wish Iain Smith success for his incoming year.

Dr  Alistair Dorward
Drapers' Fund Manager 2013/14

Any contributions to The Drapers' Fund would be gratefully received. Please contact the Trades House office or via