The Relief Fund

The Trades House of Glasgow Relief Fund is available to individuals within the city of Glasgow and surrounding areas who are in great need by reasons of financial hardship or other disadvantage.

Who is eligible?

UK residents, people with the right to work in the UK and Asylum seekers with Home Office approval  

Please note that the Trades House of Glasgow Relief Fund is unable to help with the following: rent, rent arrears, council tax, council tax arrears, funeral costs (except in exceptional circumstances), holidays, items/support or personal effects which Councils are legally required to provide including shelter and accommodation, cosmetic repairs and improvements, items and treatments which the state provides and support for people who are still drug or alcohol dependant

How to apply?

For assistance from the Relief Fund,  use the link below to download the application form, then complete and return by email or post.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Financial and personal information will be required as part of our assessment process. This information will remain confidencial and will not be passed to any other organisation without prior consent.

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What happens after making an application?

Your application form will be forwarded to the Trades House of Glasgow social worker who will make contact with you within 4-6 weeks from receipt of application. She will make an appointment to come and meet you to discuss your application further. This will then be passed to the Charities Committee to reach a decision about granting funds or declining the request




For more information, contact Katrina or call 0141 553 1605

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