Glasgow Chain Gang Forges Historic Links in Lord Mayor’s Show

Lord Mayors Show
The Trades House of Glasgow made history when its Chain Gang took part in the Lord Mayor's Show in London (12 November 2016).

The Chain Gang takes its name from the distinctive chains worn by the Deacon Convener and office bearers of the 14 Trade Incorporations, Glasgow's equivalent of the London Livery Companies. The glittering insignia was seen together for the first time outside of Glasgow on the Trades House float - No 43 in the parade - under the banner 'The Chain Gang - Glasgow's Link to the Livery Companies'. It marks a year in which the Trades House is reaching out to the Livery and associated organisations around the country in support of its charitable and educational activities.

Keith Brown OBE is Deacon Convener of the Trades and Third Citizen of Glasgow. He is also a Pastmaster of the Worshipful Company of Coopers in London, the first Pastmaster in London to serve as Deacon Convener in Glasgow.

Commenting on the decision to participate in the Lord Mayor's Show, Keith Brown said: "Glasgow and London were two great ports of the Empire and were very much in competition. Their craftsmen played a vital part in ensuring the highest levels of workmanship to support the ships in their quest for trade. With the merchants, they governed their Cities. While this has changed over the years, both enjoy a rich legacy. They have been left with endowments and funds that provide significant support for charities and education today.

"No longer competitors, Livery companies in London and Incorporations in Glasgow, as well as other cities, have been developing friendly relationships. Glasgow Incorporations wish to encourage even more of these. In the Lord Mayor's Show, our theme of 'Reaching Out' is an ideal opportunity to bring our message of friendship to the City of London.

"At my recent dinner at the Trades Hall in Glasgow, the new Lord Mayor of London, Andrew Parmley, expressed his intention to bring together for the first time all the Livery Companies, Merchants Houses and Trade Incorporations in the UK at Mansion House next year, to celebrate their contribution to civic life, charitable giving, educational support and preserving the history and heritage of our country."